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The Magnificence of Lists

I’m thinking about lists today. Lists to organise, lists to prioritise, lists written simply to list excellent things. You could list your favourite words, places you want to travel, jobs you want to apply for (that’s my life right now). I recently got so overwhelmed with my situation and feeling stuck in a rut that I … Continue reading

Use Your Words

Earlier today I was reading an article for my writing class that told me to “Stop envying the words that fiction writers use, and start using them.” I’ve always wondered how my favourite authors managed to make me care so much, to keep me glued to every line until a scene would end abruptly at … Continue reading

I’ll Just Jump Right In

Me: It’s happening. You (yes– you): What an ambiguous statement. Me: What is happening is this: I have decided to write a blog post every day. You: What are you thinking Alyssa? Me: I’m serious here. You: Have you been gorgonized? Me: I…wait, what does that even mean?  You: Pfft, you are so not ready for this. You … Continue reading

The Multiple Blog Conundrum

Don’t freak out. I haven’t ditched you guys and got a secret ‘blogspot’ or something. I WOULD NEVER. The “multiple blogs” thing is actually related to Uni work. (What isn’t related to Uni on here these days? I need to get out more. I’m sorry guys. Geez.) For an Internet-related class I’m doing, we’re required … Continue reading

Shampoo-less-ness and Winter

It’s raining outside. Wet, cold, and miserable weather. I somehow had the NBC Today show on this morning and they were ranting about how it’s a stinking heat wave and it’s 100 degrees and kids who don’t go to school are playing in fountains. They even interviewed this guy on the street who was too … Continue reading

Mission: Make Blog Awesome

Hello Internet. Hi there! Okay. I’m going to quote the magazine article to my left about resolutions for 2012: “Day 16: Don’t put it off…TODAY’S TASK: Do the one thing that you’ve put off for ages.” I’m not usually one to resolve, at least not consciously, but when I read that it instantly came to … Continue reading