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My friends and I wanted to be awesome and have lunch together so today we went and we lunched. Erika wore a chunky red scarf that she had knitted in high school that narrowed from one end to the other and had several holes in it where she’d dropped a stitch — details I would … Continue reading


I forgot to publish a post yesterday, but I wrote it up… So does that count? Is this my post for today, or for yesterday? Is Elodie going to throw things at me??? (I’d actually like to see how that would work). Yesterday’s Alyssa wrote: I woke up early to go to work this morning. … Continue reading

Shampoo-less-ness and Winter

It’s raining outside. Wet, cold, and miserable weather. I somehow had the NBC Today show on this morning and they were ranting about how it’s a stinking heat wave and it’s 100 degrees and kids who don’t go to school are playing in fountains. They even interviewed this guy on the street who was too … Continue reading