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So Close (Yet So, So Far)!

I came home from work this afternoon with a surprising amount of energy and enthusiasm. I was motivated because I’d had a coffee and by the fact that I want to get my English essay done by tonight so I have time to look over it. Now I’m so close to finishing I can taste … Continue reading


I’m not the best representative for this “blog-every-day-once-a-day” thing. I mean, it hasn’t been too disastrous, but it would be doing better if I’d committed to posting every day except those random days when I don’t feel like turning the laptop on at ten-to-midnight, which is basically what I’m doing. That one doesn’t sound as … Continue reading

It Was A Weird Day On Public Transport

Joanna and I got shushed this morning on the train. Like kindergartners.  We weren’t even being loud. She was just asking me if I had a pen. This woman was making more noise with her comment, “This is a quiet carriage” than our exchange of “Alyssa, can I borrow a pen?” “Yeah sure, I just need … Continue reading

I complain this much and I only had one class.

Monday was made even harder today with the fact that almost everyone else had the day off. My classes were still running, and the public holiday made my train home a little later, but at least that meant I could have a look in Target before leaving the city. I love Target. It’s like a wonderland … Continue reading

What if I saw a real-life spy today?!

This morning’s lecture was relatively unremarkable…except for the unidentified noises. All was going smoothly, our lecturer kept saying “Yeah?” like it was her favourite word, when about halfway through we heard this strange sound coming from outside the theatre, twice — the sort of sound you’d expect of a dentist’s drill accompanied by a girl’s … Continue reading

First Day Back, Check!

I had my first day of classes today for the new year, which consisted of a two-hour French tute and about the same in train travel. I was able to spend my time luxuriously in the morning because I didn’t start until 12 (Monday’s are looking kind of… good?). After coolly transferring myself from the … Continue reading

Now You Know I Want To Own a Mountain

I had to wake up insanely early this morning and keep refreshing my web browser because class registration opened today. It all worked out in my favour (well, I have three 9 am starts which I can’t do anything about, and they will mean I’ll have to get up super early for my train– but … Continue reading