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A Muddled Mind and the Return to Aus

You guys haven’t heard about my travels yet! My first venture abroad! The fantastical journey across the seas to the U.S. of A. We were there for four weeks, we’ve been back in Australia for four weeks, and we still haven’t looked at our photos. Shocking. But we have not had time. There are a … Continue reading

In The Heat of the Final Essays

It would be a total cliché to start this post by saying, “You know, I haven’t posted a blog in two months,” but I just came out of a lecture for my Adaptation and Transgression class and the professor’s whole thesis was based on the politics of cliché, so I feel like this merits some extra-credit. This week … Continue reading

Cross-campus Running and the Afternoon Slump

Today in class we were answering questions about mycotoxins and wheat stem rust and other random things (we’re required to take a breadth subject, which basically means topics can range from anthropology to African drumming). Our tutor knowingly stated that we were about to go over time, but that just made everything he said after … Continue reading

I think I opened a gate

Do you ever sit on the train ride home and think to yourself, “Gee, I’m 90% sure of where I parked the car. Unless that spot was yesterday…” and then, “I can barely remember what I did this morning, let alone last week’s breakfast, or choice of pajamas. WHERE DO ALL THE POINTLESS MEMORIES GO?” … Continue reading

I’m Just Happy To Be Home

Some days are like Facebook: A little frustrating and slow to start up. I did not get enough sleep. It was raining outside. I forgot to wear colour (Yep. Black pants, black top, black cardigan. I looked like a waitress). The day picked up for a while, though, like it usually does. It wan’t until … Continue reading

In Which I Learn To Write

In media writing class we’ve been ‘workshopping’ each other’s work each lesson, a task which has proven to be quite fun. We basically act like editors, making notes and then have a group discussion about what we liked and how to improve. Some people in that class are amazing. I’m a big fan of word-nerds. … Continue reading