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Graduating, Fairy Lights and Frasier

Passion. Risk. Preach what you practice. These were the messages I received at my recent graduation ceremony. I wrote them down in my diary that night so I wouldn’t forget the speaker’s advice. Graduating was an honour, and one of those moment’s that really felt like a landmark to me. When I look at the … Continue reading

I Can’t Even

I wrote the original first sentence of this blog post while I was standing outside a lecture theatre, waiting for 12 pm to come around. It was originally about the strangeness of attending a literature class in the engineering building. Flash forward eight hours. I survived a long break between classes by finishing the book … Continue reading

Bikes, Borders and Blackouts

Last Thursday, I almost got ran over by a guy on a bike while heading to class. It’s kind of a daily occurrence for me on campus. My lack of spatial skills and coordination does not mesh well with the maniac speedsters on bikes that dart between pedestrians. I’ve now learnt to step aside for … Continue reading

Grandpa, You Don’t Know the Half of It

I sit at a table in the cafe where I work, scribbling away at a French grammar worksheet because it’s my day off, a day designated to homework (and a sleep-in). I’d just had lunch with my mum, and I decided to stay and continue my homework with a latte chain going on. My grandpa eats there … Continue reading

Carpe Diem (Make Your Day Minty)

I had already mentally formed my post for yesterday as I was sitting on the train ride home. I was going to tell you about the mint-popping man that sat in the seat next to me. He was middle-aged, large, with a backpack. He pulled out an iPad an played Bejeweled for just about an … Continue reading

I Am Baring My Soul: A Playlist

So, since I’m lazy, and unimaginative, mentally and emotionally drained from all the study today, I thought this post could be about the next five songs that play on my iPod. I regret this already. I have some really bad stuff on there. Like, really bad. Back from the Camp Rock era, when I secretly … Continue reading


So I sent this to my friend Erika in a text message: Alyssa: I’d just like you to know that I’m wearing the multi-coloured dorky beanie with string things you gave me one birthday. Can’t send you a photo, but boy, you would swoon. … Buuuuut, she hasn’t replied yet. See, the thing about Erika: … Continue reading


Here’s where I’m at right now: Everybody’s waiting for me to get ready because we’re about to leave the house. I just turned my laptop off. I realised I hadn’t posted anything yet, and if we’re out all night, a) I would have forgotten b) It’d be ten-to-midnight and you’d get a blog saying “Hey, … Continue reading