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A Sleep-Deprived Post

Mum and I got home after 1 am last night after a concert, so now I’m an emotional zombie (not the brain-eating type, just the lack of spatial awareness type of zombie– though, if you’re reading this, you’re probably a voracious reader, and I’ll bet your brain is large and TASTY). And the fact that … Continue reading

The Insomniac Diaries

Last night I just could not get to sleep. There was too much to think about, and because I’d gone to bed so late I was already at that point of no return (you know, where you must surrender to the fact that sleeping will be impossible). Still, in vain, I tried: 11:40 pm: Read … Continue reading

This Morning Takes A Turn For The Weird

I just found a paper clip in my hair while I was showering. AN ACTUAL PAPER CLIP. Alyssa, this is a new low, even for you. *Internet shakes its collective head in pity* I honestly have no idea how it got there. It could have been there the whole night for all I know. Maybe … Continue reading

Market Day

Every first Sunday of the month is termed “Market Day” in my home town. People set up stalls in the car park and side street, selling all kinds of things (from potted plants, to jams, to dolls clothes and swing sets). For the locals, this means busy streets full of tourists and/or out-of-towners, and therefore often means … Continue reading

Let’s just PRETEND this is interesting. To get the blog-ball rolling again.

Does anyone else have those moments of mild panic/excitement because they haven’t read Elodie’s latest SparkLife column? Never fear, the link is here: Or Dear Albert, if you’re feeling fictional: Well, now that we’re all at ease because we have a link which is easily clickable, let’s talk about sleepovers. We just got home from a … Continue reading

When Sheets Attack

Hands up if you had a dream about a flying chicken last night. Well I did, and that’s irrelevant. I just recently put a new set of sheets on my bed, and was SO ready to turn in for the night. There I was, just about to enter an altered state of consciousness, alpha waves turning to … Continue reading