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Shopping & U-Turns

You’re reading this, so you already know I got home safely without getting (too) lost in suburbia. I ONLY TURNED ONTO THE WRONG STREET ONCE. Mediocre navigational skills at their finest! I bought a lot, and therefore had so many bags that it felt like I was lifting weights all day. By the afternoon I … Continue reading

Buying Presents: It’s Complicated

Tomorrow is my mum’s birthday, and two days later, my sister’s turning 17. The family’s going out to a restaurant for dinner, but I’ve told mum she has to get up at 7:30 so I can give her presents and make breakfast before I go to work (that’s not too cruel on someone’s birthday, is … Continue reading

Impromptu Shopping Trips and Driiiiviiiing!

Today I was in the car with Sacha and Erika, we were cruising towards the shopping centre (in search of stylish, low-price things)…and I was just appreciating from the back seat how exciting it is to drive around without parents. It feels somehow illegal in the best, most non-badass way possible. Speaking of driving, I … Continue reading


With my current timetable, I get Fridays off (which is glorious, GLORIOUS – when you have no essays to write or group projects to script, which you usually do.) Actually, I did have an essay to start today and a French script to write, but my mum took me shopping anyway. Because I’m hardcore like … Continue reading