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Pig Soup

“I’ll have the soup,” a customer told me as I scribbled down his order on a piece of note paper. If only I knew the events that were about to unfold. There are all sorts of knick knacks scattered around the cafe were I work. A key chain from Vietnam, a mini double-decker tour bus … Continue reading

Cue The Cute Boy

There’s a guy that I like who I shall not name for the sake of, well, secrecy? (What will we call him? Mr. X is taken. The Uber Hottie  and That Guy is taken [WAY TO STEAL TWO AMBIGUOUS GUY CODE NAMES, ELODIE]. What about BOY? I’m open for alternative suggestions). I’ve known him for a … Continue reading

You’d Better Think Twice

So, you know how I told you yesterday that I’d be going out for my friend’s birthday? Mistake #1 (my fault): Wearing uncomfortable heels. I don’t often wear high heels. In fact, I only have two pairs. Last night, I chose the bad pair (the others have straps around the ankle that make walking…possible). The … Continue reading

This Morning Takes A Turn For The Weird

I just found a paper clip in my hair while I was showering. AN ACTUAL PAPER CLIP. Alyssa, this is a new low, even for you. *Internet shakes its collective head in pity* I honestly have no idea how it got there. It could have been there the whole night for all I know. Maybe … Continue reading

Buying Presents: It’s Complicated

Tomorrow is my mum’s birthday, and two days later, my sister’s turning 17. The family’s going out to a restaurant for dinner, but I’ve told mum she has to get up at 7:30 so I can give her presents and make breakfast before I go to work (that’s not too cruel on someone’s birthday, is … Continue reading

Who Am I? Do I Live Here?

1) I have this unfortunately bad habit of forgetting everything I have done over a week gone by immediately as someone asks me the question, “So, what have you been up to this week?” I’m like a goldfish that way. Or Dory with short-term memory loss. It’s like even a hint of interest in what … Continue reading

The Inevitable Lack of Ideas

I still have three hours and 53 minutes before midnight and technically my daily blog deadline is up, so I actually could wait a while and see if I get an idea of what to write about. But I already know I would end up brainstorming for five minutes, getting distracted by my book and … Continue reading