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So Close (Yet So, So Far)!

I came home from work this afternoon with a surprising amount of energy and enthusiasm. I was motivated because I’d had a coffee and by the fact that I want to get my English essay done by tonight so I have time to look over it. Now I’m so close to finishing I can taste … Continue reading

It’s Been A Long Day…

A long day of sitting at home and starting an essay. Of reading articles, taking notes, forming contentions. Of eating chocolates, reading more articles and questioning  contentions. Of REGRETTING NOT STARTING THIS THING EARLIER and TRYING TO PUT IT OFF INDEFINITELY. Gosh, homework makes people conflicted. So right now, this is where I’m at: Seriously, … Continue reading


I’m not the best representative for this “blog-every-day-once-a-day” thing. I mean, it hasn’t been too disastrous, but it would be doing better if I’d committed to posting every day except those random days when I don’t feel like turning the laptop on at ten-to-midnight, which is basically what I’m doing. That one doesn’t sound as … Continue reading