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A Muddled Mind and the Return to Aus

You guys haven’t heard about my travels yet! My first venture abroad! The fantastical journey across the seas to the U.S. of A. We were there for four weeks, we’ve been back in Australia for four weeks, and we still haven’t looked at our photos. Shocking. But we have not had time. There are a … Continue reading

In The Heat of the Final Essays

It would be a total cliché to start this post by saying, “You know, I haven’t posted a blog in two months,” but I just came out of a lecture for my Adaptation and Transgression class and the professor’s whole thesis was based on the politics of cliché, so I feel like this merits some extra-credit. This week … Continue reading

A Sleep-Deprived Post

Mum and I got home after 1 am last night after a concert, so now I’m an emotional zombie (not the brain-eating type, just the lack of spatial awareness type of zombie– though, if you’re reading this, you’re probably a voracious reader, and I’ll bet your brain is large and TASTY). And the fact that … Continue reading

Ugh. It’s only May.

Right now it feels like my life is just a marathon to the metaphorical finish line that is the end of semester, which will be rudely followed up by second semester in a matter of weeks. Exaggerated, but still. I just want to take of my runner’s number, kick off my specially-designed athletic shoes, wipe … Continue reading

It’s a Shiny Book

I really should be writing in the Word document I’ve got open for my homework, instead of on here. I should, I really really should, but I’m not. Instead, the Word icon is just there, mocking me, judging me, from the bottom left corner. The amount of progress I’ve made today is staggeringly low. Urggghhhh. … Continue reading

Socks, Study Breaks & Amalgamation

My back hurts because I’ve been typing an essay for several hours whilst seated in a beanbag  (not my finest idea, must say) and I’ve got two pairs of socks on because it’s freezing in here (the several hours of being seated may have contributed to my low body temperature). So every couple of minutes, … Continue reading

You May Throw Things At Me

I missed three days in a row! If that didn’t sound so much like a record I would be ashamed of myself. Here’s why I haven’t posted: Stress Stress Sleep deprivation Lack of stories to tell Stress Well, basically a stack of homework And I still have a stack of homework. I wasn’t even going … Continue reading