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First of all, thank you Elodie, for my American Twitter party and blog post. Now your name’s in a title, because that’s always fun, and it was exciting when it happened to me. (It was my birthday yesterday – but feel free to swing by my Twitter crib with some cake and DVDs any time … Continue reading

Happy Easter!

I hope you all have been/will be spoiled with chocolate today. I was first awake this morning, and assumed we wouldn’t be really ‘hunting’ this year, but I pulled out a chair from the table and found a box of Easter eggs. That sneaky bunny. I spent the morning finally finishing the Lizzie Bennet Diaries … Continue reading

Rain, Ellen DeGeneres and a Disney Show

It’s just started pouring rain again. Summer rain, so I don’t mind it. It is however 80% humidity which is… a lot of wetness to deal with. Everything smells damp. Like a sheep’s just had a bath. In Melbourne it’s been stormy all week, with thunder storms and all that snazzy lightning (the thunder was … Continue reading

Pink Glitter

My nails are currently painted with a fresh coat if pink glitter nail polish, thank you very much, because my cousin booked a manicure appointment for us today. I’m doing that obnoxious hand-flashing, “LOOK AT MY PRETTY FINGERS” thing that people do when they’ve just done their nails and they’re overly proud of them. You … Continue reading


I just got home from a picnic in the park with three of my best friends. It lasted almost four hours…we left at 5:30 and now it’s 9:35. Time gets lost when we’re put together with a bunch of food and multiple cameras. We took a few good shots and then countless silly/monster-face selfies. The … Continue reading

Children (Including Me)

If you wanted to know the lyrics to Disney’s “When Will My Life Begin?” from Tangled, then HERE. And if you feel like maybe you shouldn’t click that link, because maybe you’re nineteen years old, and maybe you don’t watch Disney movies anymore (and certainly don’t search for the songs on Youtube), don’t worry about … Continue reading

Sand, Science and Salt Water

My friends and I decided to spend today at the beach, on account of how Thursday was the hottest day this week. Of course, the heat meant that everyone, from the embarrassingly more-tan-than-me toddler in a multicoloured swimsuit to the group of people building a stalagmite-inspired castle/fortress in the sand, everyone, was there. I’d driven up with … Continue reading

Call Me a Nerd. DO IT.

I’ve been doing lots of nothing. Nothing, and reading. I have this bad habit of reading several books at once (like right now I’m in the middle of Looking for Alaska and in the early stages of Sense and Sensibility. Oh, and The Scarlet Letter. All while listening to my sister read aloud a school book named Brooklyn. A … Continue reading