The Magnificence of Lists

I’m thinking about lists today. Lists to organise, lists to prioritise, lists written simply to list excellent things. You could list your favourite words, places you want to travel, jobs you want to apply for (that’s my life right now). I recently got so overwhelmed with my situation and feeling stuck in a rut that I wrote a list of what I want to achieve in the next week. The problem with these lists of mine is that they loom on my bedside table — now that the task is written, IT MUST BE DONE!

The magic of such lists is that they encourage you to get things done. Lists, for me, represent goals. Ambition, in whatever form, is a wonderful thing. One of my goals-of-the-moment is to start a bookish blog, separate to the random musings and embarrassing admissions found here. But anyway. Moving on. Another of my goals is to contact potential employers, put my skills to practice and to work on bettering myself for the future in any way I can. Whatever your goals are, I hope you read over your lists and get inspired to make a positive change!

A Satiric List of Procedures in my List-Writing Process

  1. Get the idea that I should, really want to, desperately need to write a list
  2. Locate appropriate stationary; preferably adorable Kikki K. writing paper and a nice, felt-tip pen
  3. Decide on bullet-point style. Classic dot? Hollow dot? Star, flower, number, arrow? Whatever the choice, continue consistently with the same style
  4. Create list, with most important or interesting item first
  5. Make amendments, add scribbly notes and a decidedly more important point to the top margin
  6. Cross items off list, or, alternatively, scrap entire list and begin again with more pressing matters

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