Graduating, Fairy Lights and Frasier

Passion. Risk. Preach what you practice. These were the messages I received at my recent graduation ceremony. I wrote them down in my diary that night so I wouldn’t forget the speaker’s advice.

Graduating was an honour, and one of those moment’s that really felt like a landmark to me. When I look at the map of my life from birds-eye view, maybe in twenty years time, I know that leaving high school, starting uni, and then finally moving on and starting the next stage of my life will stand out like a mountain range or major river. (Okay that analogy was just to make my use of “landmark” passable. Hi Matt. Love you.)

Today I spent a while searching (very loosely) for jobs and internships online, and looking at how I should present myself and how it’s best to approach a professional representing a company at a Careers Fair. I’m at this awkward stage in my post-graduate life where it’s all very new and my years aren’t organised into two twelve-week semesters with exam periods in between any more. People are asking, “Now what?” And so am I. I’m at a point of discovering and I’m trying to focus on the exciting rather than the intimidating. Today was only the tiniest first step, I know that.

Later today, my sister and I set up some solar fairy lights for the party for our mum this weekend. Everything looks better in fairy lights, I believe. We’re hoping it looks Insta-worthy!

At 2pm, Matt took me to coffee at one of our local spots (we have a few) and talked about his upcoming birthday and what’s going on at uni since I left *sad face*. Then we had the best-as-always afternoon watching episodes of Frasier and drinking tea from cool cups.

When I got home I helped mum by starting dinner, read some more Heart of Darkness that I’ve got on loan from Matt (though I swear I read two pages at a time, with a week in between), listened to CMC online and searched Pinterest for birthday cake ideas! Tomorrow I’ve got a double shift at work so I better get some sleep!

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