ALYSSA IN THE U.S.A. (Part 3): Memphis

I submitted my last two assignments of the year on Friday (!!!!), so this Sunday off has sent me kind of loopy with liberty and endless possibilities. Tried looking at the course handbook to decide my classes for next year, but that was too overwhelming for my day off, so I’m going to tell you guys about our two days in Memphis instead!

The first day:

Our seven-seater minivan made the drive from Nashville to Memphis feel a bit like the road-trip Q and his friends take in Paper Towns, except we were not ditching graduation and there was definitely NO peeing in bottles!  My sister and I were ridiculously excited to have breakfast at Panera (because it’s another one of those “American” places we’ve learnt about from YouTube videos).

After driving for a while, we stopped at tiny, side-of-the-highway spot in Jackson. The town centre consisted of a parking lot, a handful of shops, and a single train carriage plonked in the middle of it all and labelled a “museum.” The old country store was fronted with aisles of tourist merch, with a bathroom at the back, and some random food for sale, including–unless I’m remembering this wrong…I kinda blanked this memory out–canned squirrel? Or possum? Something weird like that, in a can.

We thought it would be a missed opportunity if we left without visiting this “museum”…being on the road and up for adventure as we were. Walking in, we were welcomed by a middle aged guy, asking us about Australia and telling us off-the-cuff about the history of whatever this train used to be used for. So we tipped the guy, and were given the privilege of walking another 10 metres through a dilapidated train carriage with excellently musty carpet.

In Memphis, it took a while to get the rooms we had actually booked, but once we had, we discovered we could partially see the baseball big screen from the window.

P1090441The second day:

Visited Graceland, Elvis Presley’s mansion. Picture green carpet on walls, peacock stained-glass, and a billiard room draped with crazy patterned material. Outside the house, there were lots of records, awards, Elvis-suits, cars, and private planes with gold-plated sinks in their bathrooms because…you know, it’s Elvis.

P1090443 P1090459 P1090476 P1090490 P1090501


2 thoughts on “ALYSSA IN THE U.S.A. (Part 3): Memphis

  1. Paper towns-style road trip?! Canned squirrel?!! Excellently musty train carriage museum?!!!!! The following emoticon perfectly describes my feelings right now … 😀

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