A Muddled Mind and the Return to Aus

You guys haven’t heard about my travels yet! My first venture abroad! The fantastical journey across the seas to the U.S. of A. We were there for four weeks, we’ve been back in Australia for four weeks, and we still haven’t looked at our photos. Shocking. But we have not had time. There are a lot of them. Two days after we landed home, my sister and I were both back at uni and mum was back at work. Class, home, work, homework, repeat*. I might write about some of the highlights once some of my essays are out of the way…and if I can get the photos off the camera, you might see some of those too. I’m not promising anything. There is a great close-up of my sister’s face. Lots of fire-hydrants. A blurry photo of a stranger wearing sunglasses. Get excited (But not too excited – remember, not promising).

*Speaking of homework– Do you know how difficult it is to source a text published by a French author, that has not been translated into English, but is also available to people in English-speaking countries? TRÈS. Very. I’ve been on Google for the past few hours trying to find a text well in advance for an assignment due at the end of semester. And I think I have found something adequate, but it’s just so hard to tell in this mental-haze. I can see pixels. The room is spinning. What is Internet?



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