In Which Alyssa Fangirls About TFiOS & Makes Little Sense

Right now I’m torn between staying up to watch the trailer for The Fault In Our Stars movie and, you know, going to bed and finding a link in the morning.  When I say “torn” here, I’m using the word lightly, as I am such a nana that the thought of staying up another 4 or 5 hours is completely unnatural to me. The teaser for the trailer was released today, and despite having a duration of only 12 seconds was still able to squeeze an almost-tear out of me. Man, I’m going to be a wreck when I actually see the film. Realistically, it’s not going to make any difference whether I’m awake when it’s uploaded or not, but for some complex and inexplicable reason it does seem to matter because the book matters.

What’s with that wacky perception of mine (of ours?), that experiencing stuff in real time makes is so much more important and meaningful? Why do we care if we’re several hours behind? Is the event any less real when it “happened” and when it is “happening”? Maybe it’s that the moment feels tangible, because we are actually existing with others in the same way but in different contexts and with different predispositions and pre-formed opinions. MAYBE IT’S BECAUSE IT’S 11 PM AND AT THAT POINT ALL IDEAS SEEM STRANGELY LOGICAL AND ASTOUNDING SIMULTANEOUSLY.

***Disclaimer*** I realise I sound NOTHING like a young person when I whinge about 11 pm being late. But what can I say? I’m weak and a preternaturally early riser.



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