Hey there, 2014!

We just got back from a few days at a caravan park by the beach with friends, where there were tots with names like Diesel and Saffron riding around on too-big-for-them bikes and being carted around in prams that attach to bicycles . There were about 50 games of “Rich Man Poor Man” played with 2.5 decks of cards (aka really too many cards to fan out in one measly little hand). There was also the pledge for our two families to become “USA fit” by the time we visit America in July this year. So far, the healthy eating is having a slowish start (it was instantly broken when an old-style ice cream truck came around the park playing Fur Elise and I decided that this was a ONCE IN A LIFETIME/ONLY IN THE SUMMER TIME OPPORTUNITY to buy a rainbow gelati), but I spent all day yesterday and much of this morning reading recipe books and searching Pinterest for “summer salads” etc. 

I have nothing on the calendar this week, which is the greatest thing ever. In fact, we don’t even have a calendar yet. Actually, that’s not entirely true– I have a Taylor Swift calendar hanging in my room, which is customary of course.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. It’s time for summer to start now, I say. We didn’t even touch the sand when we were at the beach last week – not warm enough. I want to wear t-shirts without hesitation! If you’re in the northern hemisphere…all I can say is you must be very cold, and I’m sorry (unless you… Like? The cold?). We have some friends travelling and STUCK IN NEW YORK (TIMES SQUARE) because of the snow. Crazy. But an extraordinary place to be stuck, I’m sure.



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