“I don’t know I just guess” – DailyGrace basically sums up my approach to essay writing

In 12 Million seconds my essays will be submitted, but first I need to write them. I’m right in the middle of that awful week and a half between finishing classes and handing in final assignments, so right now it doesn’t really feel like I have a life (it feels like I have a laptop and a big tub of almonds, and little else). On the up side, the THREE essays I have due next week will be out of the way before I know it, but the sucky thing is that they need to be finished before I start happy dancing like a Petrarchan lover (How do I know Petrarchan lovers happy dance? I don’t know I just guess).

I mean, I’ve started. I have. Sort of. But there is still so much to do. One is a French essay about the language use of teenagers and I’m going to incorporate scenes from LOL and analyse le SMS and messagerie instantanée which is kind of awesome because I love that movie. Then another’s for my Romantic lit class – I decided to be brave and tackle the poetry question because I’ve always chosen novels before (which is exciting but terrifying because I really don’t know how to talk about poems. I still need to look at my notes to know exactly what a sonnet is). The last one is for Net Communications and I just have no idea.


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