I think I opened a gate

Do you ever sit on the train ride home and think to yourself, “Gee, I’m 90% sure of where I parked the car. Unless that spot was yesterday…” and then, “I can barely remember what I did this morning, let alone last week’s breakfast, or choice of pajamas. WHERE DO ALL THE POINTLESS MEMORIES GO?”

So, my lecturer made me cry today. He was playing us a video, and thankfully it was dark and it was only a single tear and I could pull myself together but STILL. I came to learn about Internet-type things and alternate between different styles of dot points in my notes, not get bummed out by a presentation! It was the part where a girl was feeling terrible about herself and edging closer to the edge of the train tracks and everything was crescendo-ing (it was all very dramatic) before hundreds of ‘online voices’ started saying how amazing she was– “Invisible? Girl, you’ve got 9,000 comments!” I’m a very emotional person anyway, but combined with my 5:45 am  is-this-this-even-my-alarm-or-am-I-still-dreaming wake-up call, I think I was a little sensitive. I was blinking and looking around the room inconspicuously to see if the scene had had the same impact on other people. WHAT, ARE YOU PEOPLE MADE OF STONE?

Aaannddd after cutting up the onions for dinner, I’ve cried twice today!

+ I have this “Lucy Hale guarantee” that whenever she recommends a song/band on Twitter, I know I’ll like it, because she’s been right the last four or so times. “19 You and Me” by Dan and Shay. Right again, Hale!

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