A Sleep-Deprived Post

Mum and I got home after 1 am last night after a concert, so now I’m an emotional zombie (not the brain-eating type, just the lack of spatial awareness type of zombie– though, if you’re reading this, you’re probably a voracious reader, and I’ll bet your brain is large and TASTY). And the fact that my school homepage will not load properly on any browser or computer in the house is NOT HELPING MY EMOTIONAL STABILITY *twitches right eye*. How else am I supposed to print things that I’m not going to read for 2 days?

I’m at that point in the semester (already) where I’m just counting backwards from the next break/refusing to acknowledge the existence of the next assignment (WEEK 1 AMIRITE?). It’s actually week 5. Anyway.

I’m going to try in vain to make a dent in the big steel barricade that is my homework, and probably get distracted by the fact that the VMAs are happening right about now. This is very likely to happen. Now, where is my steel-denting-hammer?


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