I Should Probably Reassess My Life Goals

I wish I had a good reason for going completely AWOL on my blog this month… Like, I could have been travelling across Europe with a backpack larger than my torso and a guide named Pedro. Or I could have been enlisted by a secret spy organisation to help out in a federal emergency of some kind, in which case I couldn’t tell you what I was doing. The truth is that I’ve been on holidays — and when I go on break, I do AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE, not even things I usually enjoy like blogging or going to the museum. But I’m back at uni on Monday, which probably means you’ll be hearing from me A LOT (procrastination is better than studying, always).

So, what have I been up to? I’ve turned into a grandma again (this is a cycle that repeats itself sporadically, influenced by the cold weather which encourages nana rugs and drinking more tea than usual). Exhibit A, I’m knitting a scarf:




It’s going okay. When I make a mistake, I shove the wooly mess into my mother’s hands and say “I…uh… dropped a stiched, or purl-slip-knitted, or something. Fix it?”

Then magically, it’s fixed! I’m making it into an infinity scarf which is, by definition, infinity times cooler than a regular scarf. The last time I knitted I was about eleven and it was some horrifically pom-pom-esque and pink and purple disaster. Fingers crossed, but I think plain red is safer.

I just glanced at the clock and realised that I need to get ready now. Sacha’s going to pick me up for the movies. We’re seeing This Is The End because there’s really nothing else out in cinemas. Two people have already told me today that “It’s funny, but really really weird.” I shall go in with no expectations. We’re having burgers beforehand, so it’s bound to be a good night overall, no matter how bad the movie may be.


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