Painting a bathroom (& how it’s not the same as doing a colouring book)

I’ve spent the past two days painting a shed bathroom and preparing dozens of paper lanterns from eBay with my sister and our friend Emily. We’re getting ready for Emily’s 18th birthday party in a few weeks (did I mention it’s a ONESIE THEME?). Yesterday, we went to Bunnings to pick up some paint, a light and a towel hook. The most entertaining thing about the hardware store has always been the flat trolleys which you can ride around on like you’re five years old again. It took us a few return trips up and down each aisle to find everything we needed (since we’re not exactly hardware experts…yet). I remember saying something stupid when we were looking for a chandelier-type light like  “fittings, as in, light fittings?” before we turned around to see the aisle that actually said “lighting”.

Back in the shed, the three of us had to squeeze into the tiny space that’s usually meant for one person and a toilet. Picture this: Person 1 on a step ladder, Person 2 with a roller, and Person 3 (me) doing all the fiddly under-the-sink-and-between-the-pipes areas with a paintbrush. Anyway, it looks good now.

Afterwards we took my sister to the dentist, and then we went to Big W where we got lost in the gigantic toy sale, pointing out Barbie & Ken’s matching sparkly pink wedding outfits (?), commenting how “the toys have changed since our days” and… oh yeah. Our purpose for going to the store to begin with: searching for a Cabbage Patch Kid with a birthday on July 3rd. Don’t ask.


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