First of all, thank you Elodie, for my American Twitter party and blog post. Now your name’s in a title, because that’s always fun, and it was exciting when it happened to me. (It was my birthday yesterday – but feel free to swing by my Twitter crib with some cake and DVDs any time guys).

So now I’m officially on winter break. That’s exciting.

I need to plan things to do. So far, the ‘things to do’ in my mind involve the Internet, books, and chocolate pots with Sacha and Erika tomorrow afternoon.


2 thoughts on “ELODIE!

  1. Okay a) you’re welcome, it takes a lot of stamina to throw a party with that much animalistic destruction, and b) WHAT IN GOD’S NAME ARE CHOCOLATE POTS AND HOW HAVE I NOT HEARD OF THEM?

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