Posted in June 2013

A 21st, McDonalds and, uh, Plastic Bags?

Over the weekend was my cousin Alex’s 21st birthday party. The drive to her town is just over 2 hours, so Saturday afternoon my mum, sister, aunty and I piled into one car and followed behind my uncle, Grandpa and two cousins in their SUV-type-thing. I divided my time reading, listening to my iPod, watching … Continue reading


First of all, thank you Elodie, for my American Twitter party and blog post. Now your name’s in a title, because that’s always fun, and it was exciting when it happened to me. (It was my birthday yesterday – but feel free to swing by my Twitter crib with some cake and DVDs any time … Continue reading


My friends and I wanted to be awesome and have lunch together so today we went and we lunched. Erika wore a chunky red scarf that she had knitted in high school that narrowed from one end to the other and had several holes in it where she’d dropped a stitch — details I would … Continue reading

How To Watch Pretty Little Liars

There’s nothing more terrifying, mysterious and addictive than spending a night in Rosewood, PA., the secret and drama capital of Television. My sister, my friend Lucie and I are all huge fans of Pretty Little Liars. I’ve found that the best way to watch this show is to get really into it. I’m talking plan … Continue reading

Gatsby, Satay Sauce and Teachers With Lego

On Friday, my friends and I went out to celebrate Lauren’s birthday. It was raining incessantly, and by the time we got to the restaurant the entire group was soaked and slightly frizzy-haired. At dinner, we created a game called “Satay Surprise!”, which involved slopping satay sauce onto the unsuspecting victim’s hand, into their mouth … Continue reading