Bikes, Borders and Blackouts

Last Thursday, I almost got ran over by a guy on a bike while heading to class. It’s kind of a daily occurrence for me on campus. My lack of spatial skills and coordination does not mesh well with the maniac speedsters on bikes that dart between pedestrians. I’ve now learnt to step aside for anyone in a helmet with a certain look of steadfast determination in their eyes. They stop for no one. Another daily occurrence of mine I’ve noticed: tripping while walking in a straight line and trying to make it look like nothing happened. A move I’m getting better at.

Then Friday, after work, we drove about two hours to a town that is just over the border (so technically we can say “We went interstate” to add a bit of flair to the story). While we were there, we ate a lot, we bought Emily a formal dress, and we watched movies. The house only had one power circuit, which meant there’d be a blackout every time someone turned on the kettle, the heater, the oven or the light in the bathroom — until we devised the strategy of turn-heaters-off-while-using-hairdryer-now-quick-heater-on-it’s-cold.


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