It’s Tues-RED-day Here

Can you hear the tappa-tap-tap of over-excited fingers on a keyboard?  The squeals of disbelief and delight? It’s the sound of Swifties all over Australia and New Zealand buying their presale tickets to the Taylor Swift concert today. Apparently the pit tickets sold out in a matter of seconds. Good news is, my friends and I have tickets (reserve) and now I can happily count down the days (214 to be precise) until December and I get to dance around in a stadium full of awkward dancers. Or maybe it’ll be just me. That’s cool too.

Several people have texted me today with various versions of “Ohmagohd, I just bought my Taylor Swift tickets! I know you’ll be proud!” Darn straight I’m proud. I’m converting the world into T-Swizzlers. That’s just me who says that, too.

Surely my favourite conversation was with Jo, who began a word play-off with the names of Taylor Swift songs:

Jo: …can’t wait to go Back to December. See what I did??

Alyssa: That was first class T-Swizzle word play. It’s gonna be The Best Day.

Jo: Ahahaha that was the best text I ever Red. So excited I just had to tell you.

Alyssa: Okay, we’re strolling into Treacherous territory here…better stop soon.

Jo: But every time I try, I Almost Do.

Alyssa: And then you Begin Again, I totally get it.

Jo: Gosh, you know me All Too Well.

And it went on.



4 thoughts on “It’s Tues-RED-day Here

    • Well, I’m always available for those kinds of conversations 🙂
      Thanks for being excited for me! I think I’m excited enough for 1000 people.

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