Texts #2

You know, when I posted about my-friend-who-never-texts-back a while ago, I did not realise I would get so much material out of the one conversation (one-sided though it was).

Until today.

 Erika: Er mer gherd. I was going through mesgs on my phone to delete them and such AND THEN I saw that you had messaged me like a MONTH ago and I hadn’t replied to it AND THEN I felt really bad because you were probably completely morose that I didn’t reply AND THEN I felt sad about you potentially being sad AND THEN I felt guilty because I should’ve felt guilty and not sad in the first place. So, here’s me replying to your message of a month ago saying sorry for the late late reply! and that I’m sure you were rocking that beanie with the dangly things. Xxxx (P.s. LOVE ME)

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