Carpe Diem (Make Your Day Minty)

I had already mentally formed my post for yesterday as I was sitting on the train ride home. I was going to tell you about the mint-popping man that sat in the seat next to me. He was middle-aged, large, with a backpack. He pulled out an iPad an played Bejeweled for just about an  hour. And in the side of his backpack, he had a pack of Eclipse mints. The guy first pulled out a mint at the start of our journey, to which I thought “Huh. I wish I had mints.” In about ten minutes, he was reaching for another mint. “Self control, good sir!” I thought to myself, mostly because I’m a broke student who can’t afford to be consuming breath fresheners like they’re going out of style, therefore I assume no one can. I hadn’t even made it through two pages of my book when the mint-popper was, once again, popping a mint into his gob. Duuuuuuude! Maybe he was hungry. Maybe he was on an all mint diet. He managed to eat another mint by the time the train had reached my stop. Who knows how long this went on after I left? 

I had coined the “Bejeweled playing mint-popper” phrase in my head as soon as I stepped on the mini bus that takes me to my house. But then I had to finish writing a draft that was due early the next morning, and spend some quality time with my printer while making 19 copies, and then it was late so I had to go to bed and catch up on my lack of sleep from the night before.

Anyway, now to today. According to a hastily scrawled note stuck to the station office door, the trains were to be replaced with buses due to a freight train accident. There was a collective sigh from everyone in the general vicinity, seasoned travelers who knew all too well that buses in peak hour could possibly make them late and blah blah… I don’t mind taking the bus, as long as I don’t have to wait for it to arrive. THE BUS TURNED OUT TO BE A DOUBLE-DECKER, A VEHICLE IN WHICH I HAVE NEVER RIDDEN BEFORE!

We had to sit on the lower level though because Jo is prone to car sickness. Bummer. But still cool! I did have a peek on the top level.

As for the ‘carpe diem’, that was just a phrase that I knew but was never 100% positive I knew what it meant (oops). It showed up in conversation today, I Googled it, and now I know forever. “Pluck the day and enjoy it while it’s ripe, like an apple” = my terrible paraphrasing. 


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