Posted in May 2013

Ugh. It’s only May.

Right now it feels like my life is just a marathon to the metaphorical finish line that is the end of semester, which will be rudely followed up by second semester in a matter of weeks. Exaggerated, but still. I just want to take of my runner’s number, kick off my specially-designed athletic shoes, wipe … Continue reading

Bikes, Borders and Blackouts

Last Thursday, I almost got ran over by a guy on a bike while heading to class. It’s kind of a daily occurrence for me on campus. My lack of spatial skills and coordination does not mesh well with the maniac speedsters on bikes that dart between pedestrians. I’ve now learnt to step aside for … Continue reading

Pig Soup

“I’ll have the soup,” a customer told me as I scribbled down his order on a piece of note paper. If only I knew the events that were about to unfold. There are all sorts of knick knacks scattered around the cafe were I work. A key chain from Vietnam, a mini double-decker tour bus … Continue reading

It’s Tues-RED-day Here

Can you hear the tappa-tap-tap of over-excited fingers on a keyboard?  The squeals of disbelief and delight? It’s the sound of Swifties all over Australia and New Zealand buying their presale tickets to the Taylor Swift concert today. Apparently the pit tickets sold out in a matter of seconds. Good news is, my friends and … Continue reading

Grandpa, You Don’t Know the Half of It

I sit at a table in the cafe where I work, scribbling away at a French grammar worksheet because it’s my day off, a day designated to homework (and a sleep-in). I’d just had lunch with my mum, and I decided to stay and continue my homework with a latte chain going on. My grandpa eats there … Continue reading

Cue The Cute Boy

There’s a guy that I like who I shall not name for the sake of, well, secrecy? (What will we call him? Mr. X is taken. The Uber Hottie  and That Guy is taken [WAY TO STEAL TWO AMBIGUOUS GUY CODE NAMES, ELODIE]. What about BOY? I’m open for alternative suggestions). I’ve known him for a … Continue reading

Texts #2

You know, when I posted about my-friend-who-never-texts-back a while ago, I did not realise I would get so much material out of the one conversation (one-sided though it was). Until today.  Erika: Er mer gherd. I was going through mesgs on my phone to delete them and such AND THEN I saw that you had messaged … Continue reading

Carpe Diem (Make Your Day Minty)

I had already mentally formed my post for yesterday as I was sitting on the train ride home. I was going to tell you about the mint-popping man that sat in the seat next to me. He was middle-aged, large, with a backpack. He pulled out an iPad an played Bejeweled for just about an … Continue reading