Socks, Study Breaks & Amalgamation

My back hurts because I’ve been typing an essay for several hours whilst seated in a beanbag  (not my finest idea, must say) and I’ve got two pairs of socks on because it’s freezing in here (the several hours of being seated may have contributed to my low body temperature). So every couple of minutes, I’ll lean backwards and stretch my back, then wiggle my toes to try and get the circulation going. Type, stretch, wiggle, repeat.

I’m swinging like a pendulum between “Don’t leave all the work until the last minute, power through and you could be done in, like, 46 hours” and “Work, break, work, break, break, break, woops!” Uni life. It’s tough.

We’re going out for my friend’s birthday tonight, so I guess I’ll have to stop for a few hours, unless I take my laptop and plunk it between the chicken parma and calamari. I could do that.

The restaurant we’re going to is called ‘Jimbo & Rex’. If I meet Jimbo or Rex, whoever they are, and FYI I picture them wearing bow ties, I’ll ask them if they ever considered the name ‘Rexbo’. I think it’s got a certain something. It’s macho. It’s original. Might as well leave it at that. Byee! *wiggle, type, stretch, wiggle..*


One thought on “Socks, Study Breaks & Amalgamation

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