In Which I Learn To Write

In media writing class we’ve been ‘workshopping’ each other’s work each lesson, a task which has proven to be quite fun. We basically act like editors, making notes and then have a group discussion about what we liked and how to improve. Some people in that class are amazing. I’m a big fan of word-nerds. I was reading one of the pieces in the train coming home…I got goosebumps. What I would give to give somebody goosebumps. From good writing. Not from holding ice blocks to their cheeks, though that would be fun too.

My piece was workshopped today – I wrote about my experiences being the non-drinker, non-party-goer in a world of  clubbing and alcohol consumption – and I got some really good feedback. There are things to edit, of course, but I was told that my piece was funny and easy to relate to. Someone even wrote “You’re a really great writer!” on the feedback sheet which made me feel all marshmallow-gooey and happy. Aw.

And then I write terrible things like this and say “marshmallow-gooey.”

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