So I sent this to my friend Erika in a text message:

Alyssa: I’d just like you to know that I’m wearing the multi-coloured dorky beanie with string things you gave me one birthday. Can’t send you a photo, but boy, you would swoon.

… Buuuuut, she hasn’t replied yet. See, the thing about Erika: she never texts back. And when she reads your text a few days later, she still doesn’t text back because she thinks “It’s too late, the moment has passed.” I love her to pieces. I’m not all that great at texting either.

I did receive a message from another friend though:

Lucie: PaWpaw. Pawpaw! PAWPAW!!!!

Alyssa: Is it… pineapple?

Lucie: I love you.

Alyssa: You get me, I get you man.

Lucie: Yeah bro.

(we sometimes converse like teenage males).


2 thoughts on “Texts

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