I Can’t Shake The Cold

…Literally. I’m freezing, and I’ve been freezing for the past few hours. Shaking my legs, dancing, walking up and down the hallway. Nothing has worked to warm me up. Maybe the weather’s finally becoming autumnal. I miss summer already!


Bonus P.S Side-Note Thing (YAY!): I feel sorry for the people I greet at the front door in the middle of the day, when I’m home alone. I look like a pale-faced, frizzy-haired, strangely-clad swamp monster. In ugg boots.


4 thoughts on “I Can’t Shake The Cold

    • No no, most of us call it AUTUMN and I can’t believe it’s so cold before winter has even started. Literally freezing? Was there ice? Is Seattle the one with all the trams?

      • haha i mean it’s “autumn” but really it’s probably warmer than 80 deg. F…. 😀
        nope, just cold temperatures… and then it got up to 85 deg F this week -_- i was actually dying.
        trams? i don’t think so… we have one monorail and a bunch of buses though?

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