So Close (Yet So, So Far)!

I came home from work this afternoon with a surprising amount of energy and enthusiasm. I was motivated because I’d had a coffee and by the fact that I want to get my English essay done by tonight so I have time to look over it.

Now I’m so close to finishing I can taste it (reaching the end of a long word count tastes like sugar and freedom), I’ve just got the introduction and conclusion left to tweak. It is worrying though– sometimes the simplest tasks can take FOREVER if you don’t set yourself a deadline. So, I’m not leaving the desk until this essay is COMPLETED and PROOF READ.

The only thing ruining this almost-finished optimism is the knowledge that I have a heap of other work I need to get started on… work that I’ve been putting off because this essay’s due first. Including another, even longer, essay. But still, almost done!


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