Shopping & U-Turns

You’re reading this, so you already know I got home safely without getting (too) lost in suburbia. I ONLY TURNED ONTO THE WRONG STREET ONCE. Mediocre navigational skills at their finest!

I bought a lot, and therefore had so many bags that it felt like I was lifting weights all day. By the afternoon I was getting ink marks on my hands from the printed bags. I had a gift voucher to spend, which I used on a pretty lace top. It was long sleeved and mid-riff, though, so we decided I just HAD to buy a high-waisted skirt to match. Then, Lucie and I bought matching red Keds because that’s what friends do. And THEN, my shopping companions talked me into buying a necklace. At the end of the day, in the last store, after resolving to buy absolutely nothing else, I spotted a beautiful skirt that was on sale… so I got that too.

There was a Top Shop and a Zara in the new section, which everyone on the Australian news says is “very very exciting for retail lovers” and they turned out to have plenty of nice things. In Zara, it felt like strolling through a fashion show, and I felt like a rebel despite the fact that Tegan insisted I wouldn’t get into trouble for carrying my latte into the shop– “If you get told off, I’ll say you were holding it for me!” (I am a wimp). In Top Shop, I insisted we speak in a British accent and reveled at the price tag which showed the cost in pounds as well as dollars.


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