Oh, the essay? I don’t want to talk about it.

NOPE, I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT IT. It’s boring for you, and it physically pains me to think about homework at this point.

Tomorrow I’ve made plans to go shopping with a friend and my sister. I feel 30% guilty for ditching study, and 70% excited to leave the house. Since I’m the only one with a license, I’m obviously the designated driver. The fact that I haven’t driven to this shopping centre myself (it’s always mum in the driver’s seat, and me being oblivious to my surroundings) and the fact that local geography is not my forte… Well. It should be interesting. That’s all I’m saying. I’ll look up the directions tonight. And ask mum for things to look out for, other than “that house where the man built a boat once”. But still, pray to the GPS Gods for me?

To make matters worse (or better?), the shopping centre has recently had an entire wing of stores added– I was told “You’ll get lost very easily.” So, great. Should I pack a compass?



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