It’s Been A Long Day…

A long day of sitting at home and starting an essay. Of reading articles, taking notes, forming contentions. Of eating chocolates, reading more articles and questioning  contentions. Of REGRETTING NOT STARTING THIS THING EARLIER and TRYING TO PUT IT OFF INDEFINITELY. Gosh, homework makes people conflicted. So right now, this is where I’m at:

Seriously, I don’t know how I feel about my essay question anymore. The more articles I read explaining other people’s opinions, the less sure I am about my own. And I’m stuck with my usual pre-essay pages of half-legible notes, half-formed ideas and random dot points. But it’s okay. This is how I make (slow) progress. I’m having a break now. Then in a few days time, my mind will be like:

You can tell I’m being lazy and just using barely-entertaining memes to convey my feelings. Sorry. The essay drained me of my enthusiasm.


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