Posted in April 2013

It’s a Shiny Book

I really should be writing in the Word document I’ve got open for my homework, instead of on here. I should, I really really should, but I’m not. Instead, the Word icon is just there, mocking me, judging me, from the bottom left corner. The amount of progress I’ve made today is staggeringly low. Urggghhhh. … Continue reading

I’m Just Happy To Be Home

Some days are like Facebook: A little frustrating and slow to start up. I did not get enough sleep. It was raining outside. I forgot to wear colour (Yep. Black pants, black top, black cardigan. I looked like a waitress). The day picked up for a while, though, like it usually does. It wan’t until … Continue reading

I Am Baring My Soul: A Playlist

So, since I’m lazy, and unimaginative, mentally and emotionally drained from all the study today, I thought this post could be about the next five songs that play on my iPod. I regret this already. I have some really bad stuff on there. Like, really bad. Back from the Camp Rock era, when I secretly … Continue reading

You’d Better Think Twice

So, you know how I told you yesterday that I’d be going out for my friend’s birthday? Mistake #1 (my fault): Wearing uncomfortable heels. I don’t often wear high heels. In fact, I only have two pairs. Last night, I chose the bad pair (the others have straps around the ankle that make walking…possible). The … Continue reading

Socks, Study Breaks & Amalgamation

My back hurts because I’ve been typing an essay for several hours whilst seated in a beanbag  (not my finest idea, must say) and I’ve got two pairs of socks on because it’s freezing in here (the several hours of being seated may have contributed to my low body temperature). So every couple of minutes, … Continue reading

In Which I Learn To Write

In media writing class we’ve been ‘workshopping’ each other’s work each lesson, a task which has proven to be quite fun. We basically act like editors, making notes and then have a group discussion about what we liked and how to improve. Some people in that class are amazing. I’m a big fan of word-nerds. … Continue reading