The Insomniac Diaries

Last night I just could not get to sleep. There was too much to think about, and because I’d gone to bed so late I was already at that point of no return (you know, where you must surrender to the fact that sleeping will be impossible). Still, in vain, I tried:

11:40 pm: Read Paper Towns (which I have now finished) to make self tired.

12:02 am: Paper Towns got too gripping. Tried reading about slaves and abolition instead.

12:34 am: Turned on TV, settled on E! News.

1:04 am: Got up. Made self hot chocolate. Pondered about silence and why it was easier to get up at 1 am than 6 am. Drained hot chocolate. Read tweets and went back to bed.

2:00 am: Still awake. Mum was too. Watched old episodes of Auction Squad and felt incredibly nostalgic.

2:16 am: Might as well go to the bathroom.

2:45 am: Ughhhhhhhh.

2:46 am: Gahhhhhhhhh.

2:50 am: Why???

3:30 am: (Approximately) Finally got to sleep. *quiet, night time cheers*

So this morning I had a lie in, which didn’t really help because I’m still super tired. As a result, I did nothing but read today. Read, and make a pasta sauce. Productive. On the bright side, it’s “Easter Eve”, and chocolate could spark me up!



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