In Which I Talk About Rain (and Ryan Gosling)

My sister and I just watched an episode of Dance Moms together and now I’m temporarily deaf in my right ear from all the yelling. Seriously. You’ll have to SPEAK UP if you want to leave anything in the comments!

I really don’t feel like having a hair cut at 9:30 pm tonight (our hairdresser comes to the house), 1. because I like my hair this length and 2. I woke up at 5:40 this morning, so anything past 8 pm feels like midnight. It’s Good Friday tomorrow, which means the start of my essays-and-speech-prep dedication week at home… and also fish for dinner.

Question: It was pouring rain when getting home today and my friend and I had to run to the car park, so where was Ryan Gosling for our Notebook moment? I actually asked her this as I put the keys in the ignition. She didn’t have an answer. But then I got home, switched on my iPod and heard the lyrics, “It wasn’t just like the movies / the rain didn’t soak through my clothes / down to my skin”. Ha. It did soak through my clothes. I looked like a drenched cat. So that’s… something? My life isn’t like a movie, but it’s like a song? Well, just one, very specific line in a song. Alrighty.


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