I’m not the best representative for this “blog-every-day-once-a-day” thing. I mean, it hasn’t been too disastrous, but it would be doing better if I’d committed to posting every day except those random days when I don’t feel like turning the laptop on at ten-to-midnight, which is basically what I’m doing. That one doesn’t sound as punchy.

I’m stressed, as usual– so stressed that I woke up with the weight of responsibilities pinning me down (Wow. Dramatic). I’m stressed mainly because of homework (yes, the old nemesis) and the fact that there is so little time and motivation to do any of it. Sunday is my only day to sit down and work without distractions or commitments, but 1) I’ve already slept in and lost precious HOURS! and 2) We have family coming over for lunch so I can’t hide away at my desk and look like an angry caveman… at least until later in the day.

This is where I tell myself to take “yoga fire breaths” like Spencer Hastings does and write a truly impressive to-do list. You guys know how highly I esteem the humble list. That list will include:

– Planning and writing my own “Personal Narrative Article” (a column) for Thursday. I will be excited about this once I’ve got something to write about

– Frantically studying vocab on the Algerian War and my various weaknesses in French grammar for a test tomorrow

– Starting an essay. Staring is always the hardest part. Starting, and writing the rest of it

– Giving up and watching Lizzie Bennet Diaries or something similar (Don’t spoil it for me, I’m behind)

– Feeling guilty and going back to reading my next lit book, which I have no hope of finishing on time


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