Buying Presents: It’s Complicated

Tomorrow is my mum’s birthday, and two days later, my sister’s turning 17. The family’s going out to a restaurant for dinner, but I’ve told mum she has to get up at 7:30 so I can give her presents and make breakfast before I go to work (that’s not too cruel on someone’s birthday, is it? I feel like the presents counteract the earliness).

I seem to have this problem when I’m buying presents lately: I always end up buying things for myself. Like last week, when I bought mum’s #2 present, I ended up getting a cardigan that was on special (It was on SALE. And SO SOFT). Earlier today, when I purchased #3, I walked out of the store with some new makeup. Oops. It’s weird. When I’m shopping any other time, I walk away with nothing. I talk myself out of buying the things I like all the time because I have a little frugal person in my brain that nags until I decide to leave it. Maybe the spending goes to my head. “If you just swipe the magical money card into the magical machine and press some buttons, they just GIVE YOU ALL THE THINGS!” Or perhaps I get jealous when buying presents for other people, especially for friends who have the same taste as me, because I’ll pick something up thinking “This is nice, they’d love this.” And then, “Hang on. I love this. INTERNAL CONFLICT: COMMENCE.”


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