A Taylor Swift Post

(Because Taylor Swift makes me happy. And prepared to finish assignments. Therefore after this post I will be positively begging to start work. Right?) 

Last night (or tonight?) Taylor performed a song from her first record, ‘Cold As You’ on the Red Tour. If you’re not a fan, let me tell you, this is awesome. I follow some incredibly dedicated Taylor Swift fan accounts on Twitter, and there are moments when my whole timeline seems to be dreaming/hoping/wondering when she will play a certain song. And you get emotionally invested in their efforts to make it happen. For instance, one girl loves the song ‘All Too Well’ so much that she’d marry it in a heartbeat. Before the tour started, all her tweets were capitalized, excited, “YOU CALL ME UP AGAIN JUST TO BREAK ME LIKE A PROMISEEEEE” sort of things. So, first night of the tour, when a video came up of ‘All Too Well’, my stomach flipped and I thought “This song is the greatest” and, “Kate will be exploding right now.” 

It seems that Taylor’s been playing a song off her old record each night that has been requested by the fans. Top priority for the fan accounts is ‘Tim McGraw’. Here’s Cold As You live if you’re a fellow Swiftie. 



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