Dork Laughing, Notebooks and An Insurmountable Amount of Reading

Last night turned out to be the perfect night to stay in with friends, because it was raining like crazy. We ended up watching episodes of an English comedy, Miranda, which I’d never heard of before yesterday. Numerous times I caught myself sitting in the middle of the couch, flanked by people who were probably judging my absolute abandon of self-restraint (I was laughing so much), so I had to internalise my amusement… Only that meant I was sitting there for the rest of the time shaking in silent laughter. This particular group of girls are the kind of friends that almost necessitate bringing a notebook along to your gatherings with them just so you can note down the funny, intelligent things they say. I said almost. I would never actually do that. Or would I?

I would probably do that.

Today has been simultaneously fantastic (sitting inside, no uni or work, with the fire lit for the first time this year) and terrible (sitting inside all day doing homework, alternating between large texts in one foreign language – French – and another foreign language – seventeenth century English).


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