It Was A Weird Day On Public Transport

Joanna and I got shushed this morning on the train. Like kindergartners.  We weren’t even being loud. She was just asking me if I had a pen. This woman was making more noise with her comment, “This is a quiet carriage” than our exchange of “Alyssa, can I borrow a pen?” “Yeah sure, I just need it back later.” The rest of the trip was spent in silence, which would have happened anyway because Joanna and I were studying, but there were moments I swear I could feel the lady staring.

Later that day, a few stops away from uni the tram driver was like, “This is the last stop. End of the line,” (which is never what happens) prompting everyone on board to look around for reassurance. We had to walk four blocks at top speed to avoid being awkwardly late.



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