I Don’t Know What Tense I’ve Written In… Just Roll With It?

Today was one of those days where you just want to get down on your knees in the middle of the footpath beside the currently-being-demolished architecture building and scream “WHEN WILL IT END? IS IT EVER GOING TO END?” But you can’t, ’cause that’s weird and you don’t want to be classified as “that mentally unstable girl from Lit class” and also because you will be late to French if you actually took the time to act that scene out. Actually… you should have arrived late to French class on principle, because your tutor will end up keeping everyone for an extra ten minutes to watch a documentary extract that no one’s paying attention to anyway, causing you to be too late for your train. The girl sitting next to you will also tell you she learnt the word for “testicles”.

Today was also the day your friend takes you for a tour around her college and you internally squeal “DORM ROOMS! COMMUNAL BATHROOMS! DINING HALLS! IT’S JUST LIKE THAT AMERICA PLACE” for the entire hour you spend walking around and inspecting. And then you meet her friend in a highly air-conditioned room, and he shows you his fridge and tells you both a horror story about one time he put meat in the mini fridge and then you leave and watch cartoons until it’s time for your next tutorial. So yeah. Weird day.


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