I complain this much and I only had one class.

Monday was made even harder today with the fact that almost everyone else had the day off. My classes were still running, and the public holiday made my train home a little later, but at least that meant I could have a look in Target before leaving the city. I love Target. It’s like a wonderland for lost shoppers. I found part of my mum’s birthday present, and pined over all the TV series I wanted to buy on DVD. Season 2 of Pretty Little Liars was still $50! That’s half a century, um, in dollar terms… Don’t they know I’m poor and desperately want that series? Do I have to sell all my earthly possessions to get my hands on a mysterious teenage drama?

Before Target, in French class, I was attacked with a plethora of unknown vocab, an embuscade as you will, and told to go home and learn more. I’d be reading the chapter, and in my head it’d be “Something… something… conscripted, something… soldier, something… mountains, something… something… something… attack.”


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