Homework: The Old Nemesis

I actually had a Saturday off today because it’s Labour Day weekend. And despite how exciting that sounds, it just meant that I could spend all day trying to do homework instead of serving people. And, of course, I was not overly productive. Shocker. I managed to read an entire chapter and answer various questions in a foreign language, post a 50-turned-146 word requirement online, eat a noodle cup and not to mention write up a dazzling to-do list with check boxes and everything– so the day was not an entire waste. Though I never get through as much as I aspire to. It’s like: write a list, prioritise tasks, cut list in half.  

In similar news, I’ll be fused to the office chair working through the second half of the list tomorrow! 


2 thoughts on “Homework: The Old Nemesis

  1. Like I always say, there’s no point in having a to-do list unless it is dazzling.

    Is it a rolling chair? (I worry about how you’ll get around if you’re fused to it.) Can you fuse to other things, like spatulas and flamethrowers? Will this quickly escalate into something awesome and dangerous?

    • I am fused to a wooden chair (no wheels!) with the contents of my pencil case fused to my left arm and enough food to sustain me for two weeks fused to my right. Oh yes, and the flamethrower. This would be awesome if only my chair would roll. Send help.

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