This Just Shows That I Am Not a Tech-Person. At All.

There is something seriously wrong with my DVD player. The screen just decided to split in two, mitosis style, and permanently plaster a message that says “PSCAN!” in front of everything. If it were a person, I think it would be crouched on the floor, occasionally jerking and screaming “Help me, help me!”

Okay, I Googled and apparently there is a switch on the back that will fix the problem. I can do this! *Goes to check DVD player for switch*

So… there was no PSCAN! switch, but I did manage to knock over a photo frame and scare the bajeezes out of myself. C’mon, Internet! This is what you’re supposed to be good at! My usual method of pressing all the buttons and then turning the whole thing off hasn’t worked either. How am I going to watch my programs?! With two Phoebes, Rachels, Rosses, Monicas, Chandlers and Joeys? Interesting.




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