What if I saw a real-life spy today?!

This morning’s lecture was relatively unremarkable…except for the unidentified noises. All was going smoothly, our lecturer kept saying “Yeah?” like it was her favourite word, when about halfway through we heard this strange sound coming from outside the theatre, twice — the sort of sound you’d expect of a dentist’s drill accompanied by a girl’s scream. I don’t know if the Chemical and Bio-molecular Engineering Building offers free morning root canals, but I’m not keen to find out.

During my break I met up with my friend Joanna and we joined the large queue outside a coffee stall decorated with bunting, because when you see a sign that reads “Free Coffee”, YOU JOIN THAT LINE. “The universe is rewarding us,” Joanna said, “and today is looking good already.” Then I tagged along with her to the Graduate Careers Expo they were holding nearby (I believe careers expos are demoralising and an absolute waste of time, but sometimes you get free stuff!) and we did this side glance of awe thing towards the stall for the special intelligence company, ASIS. Don’t we all want to be spies? I think I made some comment about Kim Possible’s ringtone…

Anyway, walking 5-or-so blocks was a terrible idea in this heat, because the time I got back for my French class I was hot and exhausted and just dying to go home. I still haven’t recovered, somebody fan me.



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